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Sleep Hygiene - Promoting A Good Nights Sleep

Sleep hygiene refers to your bedroom environment and daily routines that promote consistent, undisturbed sleep. Following a pre-bedtime routine  and maintaining healthy habits all contribute to your sleep hygiene. 

Paying attention to your sleep hygiene is one of the most straightforward ways to promote a better sleep. 

So, how do you practice good sleep hygiene?

Set a sleep schedule. Have a fixed bedtime and wakeup time, regardless if it falls on a weekday or weekend. Always priorities your sleep over other activities which may keep you from hitting the hay, i.e studying. You will be lot more productive if you partake in these activities after a good nights sleep.

Although naps are a great way to regain energy throughout the day, they can tend to throw you off your sleep pattern for the following evening. If you take a nap., make sure it is no longer later than 17:00 and try keep them relatively short. 

Know your routine. Set a 'wind-down' time, usually 45-30 minutes before bed. Follow your physical hygiene steps, such as washing your face and brushing your teeth as this can reinforce your mind that you are nearing bed. 

Dim your lights and leave electronics alone. Lights and electronics cause mental stimulation and hinder the production of melatonin, a hormone that helps your body fall asleep.

Try methods of relaxation, such as mediation or stretching. These activities help with your breathing and can put you in the right mindset for sleep.

Optimise your bedroom. With sleep affecting your everyday mood and health, it is wise to invest in a mattress and pillow which suits for comforts. Good quality bedding is also important to help you feel relaxed and comforted. 

Blocking out any light can be achieved by purchasing black out blinds, or more budget friendly a sleep mask. Sleep masks are a great introduction to your bedtime routine and can be easily packed to join you on your travels.

Calming scents. Light a candle or spray room or pillow spray as a bedtime mist to calm your mind. Scents such as lavender or camomile are perfect scents for the bedroom.  




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