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"Your Essential Indulgence"

Enhance your nightly slumber to reveal your most beautiful self.  A happier and healthier you is a more beautiful you!
The Indulgent item you didn't know you needed. 
The average person spends 26 years of their life sleeping, and that doesn't take into consideration the endless hours spent in bed...not sleeping.
At RITUDOZE, we understand that 'Beauty Sleep' isn't just an old wives tale. Our products are made from the finest quality mulberry silk ensuring that when you do sleep, you experience ultimate relaxation as well as benefiting from our silks natural hydrating and beautifying properties.
RITUDOZE. Designed with you in mind.

Our Promise 

We pride ourselves that all orders are beautifully gift wrapped, whether it be a treat to yourself or gift to someone special. 
Just as we want our customers to feel special, we also want the planet to feel special and protected - all of our packaging can be reused and up-cycled within the home as well as 100% recyclable. 
Using metal packaging allows for the material to be recycled endlessly without any loss of property - making it a great sustainable packing solution that also looks luxurious and different! Our vintage inspired glass jars, which home our silk scrunchies, can also be up-cycled in the home or 100% recyclable.
We would love to see your creative ways to up-cycle our packaging - tag us on Instagram @RITUDOZE with #RitudozeReuse for a chance to win a discount on your next order, you may even be featured on our page!
We never use plastics, toxic dyes or any harmful or damaging substances to our environment.